The Powell Custom Grenadilla the best wooden flute

Powell designs its wooden instruments to produce a beautiful, warm tone and exceptional resonance and responsiveness.

Powell's wooden flute, introduced in 1997, was so innovative that it changed flutists' perceptions of what a wooden flute could do. The Powell grenadilla-wood custom flute combines all the features of the metal models - exceptional build quality, free-blowing with far-reaching projection and a sweet tone - with the warmth and roundness of sound that wood gives. Using hand-selected cuts of seasoned grenadilla-wood ensures that the wood is of the highest standard, and extensive measures are taken to prevent cracking.  

• Grenadilla headjoint, body and footjoint

• Sterling silver key mechanism

• Pointed key arms

• 10K gold springs

• Handcut headjoint - two options available

• Straubinger pads

• One-year warranty against cracking

Support Information

To service or repair your Powell call (978) 461-6111, email their technicians at or, or visit the repair section of their website.